MY new clan-GRAW 2

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so, this may be a little confuzing but,
I can't get lost planet. I am getting Ghost
Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

I am currently thinking of a few names:

SCI (special covert infantry)

TGG (the government ghosts)

ATG (anti-terrorist ghosts) <--- sounds kinda cool

they sound a little lame, but its what popped
into my head. feel free to post some cool names.

my website:


PS: my Xbox 360 is coming in about 6 days.

me and my brother are thinking of a amertage SUITable for the both of us
and suitable for GRAW 2


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Running 2 clans isnt that good, just shows the other clan must be dying. plus when you get like 50 members in each clan? How does 1 Leader handle 100 members.
im out of the NSI. i dont have to tell you twice.

the ATG Clan is mine, im the clan leader.

my xbox 360 is arriving in 5-6 days and
my gamertag WILL BE: ll SoldierZ ll


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COd4 is the halo 3 equal/arch nemesis.

It's the same really, but just more realistic, everyone being human, and the guns are real life weapons.


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YEAH, GRAW 2 is boring to you, yes. But have you ever thought that you just MAYBE mastered and then you say its boring? PLease man, dont ruin it for K-22 and I
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