My original costume

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Back in the Halo Reach game days, I took my helmet that I made during Halo 3 and redone for my latest suit and an old Clone Trooper outfit from Star Wars to make my original costume. Totally forgot about it until I found the picture today. lJust found the picture. Yes those are roller blades. The only things that survived that costume attempt was the helmet, blades, and the helmet. I fell and ripped it up pretty good. I should have kept it. Would have saved me a lot of time.


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Roller blading sparten. Now that's something.
It bit me in the behind. Lol.
I went down a hill too fast and hit.a Crack and it sent me flying. The cheaply made suit from Spirit Halloween tore. When that happened I got mad and threw the material away. Should have just put it in the closet and come back to it
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