My papercraft armor

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Twisting Neather

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Yesterday I finished my armor and went strait to Fandemonium. I lost count of how many people took my picture but this what I found this morning...

I beating these three n00bs down in slayer. I took third in the Halo 2 tournament and 4th in DDR. (I never took the armor off) :lindsey:

It was fun but now my armor needs repairs... too many fangirls glomped me.
And this was pepakura?
Nice job, man! Any chance of getting to see any non-b/w pictures as well? =]
Or maybe it's out of pure frustration?
My mouse and keyboard both have several bite marks after... unpleasing events.
Color pics will be posted as soon as I get them, I didn't have a camera so its a question of tracking down the people who took the pics.
I posed with a clone trooper from the 501st for some of the pics so I hope I can track them down.

I feel sorry for that guy next to me, all of Idaho now knows why the thumb sticks on the con's controllers are all chewed up.
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