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sry if im posting to many threads, but from now on il keep yal' informed of my work making my second and hopefully final halo costume.....then to move on to somthing else, well heres wat i gt so far;


.....there going to be painted with resin and fiberglassed on sunday, and also painted :mrgreen:

thats all i have for now because the shops havnt gt many supplies :roll:
Is pepakura hard yo use? i would use it but my brother wont let me download it onto the comp. Anyway, the shoes look pretty good.
It actually dosen't look all that bad, however you might want to slow down a bit and not rush things so much. You always seem like you are rushing everything and you might want to just slow down to the speed of life. I can see a few sloppy folds and connections that you may want to fix but its looking pretty good.

I am planning on starting on my own pepakura armor soon, but right now I am in the works of modeling all the pieces to be higher detail ;-) . I like the shoes of the armor a lot along with the calf's and fore arms so those will be along the way shortly (hopefully)

Anyways.... enough about what I am doing =P.

Good Job Smilie, just fix of those connections and you will be good to go!

yer some folds are a bit gunky but witha glue gun it dries really fast and if you touchit itl burn the shizle in to your hand.
Try using copydex. Takes a few seconds longer to dry but if you b0rk it you can just unpeel it and try again.
I really need to find this copydex stuff that you talk about. I've spent some time looking for it, but no luck so far.
this was my first attempt at a pepakura helmet, this monstrosity ended up twice the size of my head. but i have learnt a greal from it, i no know how to skale the helmet and i can gleue it easier....

thats the chin piece where theres supposed to be a vent.....

this is an overall view of the helmet but i didnt finnish it because it was to big and it was pointless to even bother finnishing it

sorry about the size difference in the pics......
but in going to start my actual helmet in a few days time ;-)
smilie120 said:
yer some folds are a bit gunky but witha glue gun it dries really fast and if you touchit itl burn the shizle in to your hand.

Sacrafice is the key to anything good. I got 3 blisters from holding the things in place!
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Spartan-129 said:
Thanks Smilie, your boots are lookin' pretty good. The helmet looked good 'cept from the huge hole.

yeah i didnt bother finnishing the helmet because it was 2 times ti big for my head so im going to stard over again. But when im done im going to resin the helmet the fill it with expanding foam. carv out the foam for a good fit. thain im going to give it all a couple of coats of resin. then paint it and put in my bike visor :mrgreen: . and by the way i have all the resoursces except card :evil:
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Careful when using expanding foam, if u put too much it will expand too much and crack through the helmet. But ya, nice job on your armor so far.
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