My very first "Reach"/Noble 6 build W.I.P.


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damn those are pretty sweet!

So I'm back. The forearms have collected dust because I didn't have much of a Christmas break, more time running around than actually sitting at home but it is what it is. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

So here's the check list, target date for completion is April 26 for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

I'll be doing them in this order:

Forearms - Complete *waiting on paint
Biceps with Recon shoulders - WIP
Chest - WIP
COD piece - WIP
Thighs - WIP *may do a tactical soft case since I have a toaster rope/dump pouch thigh rig*
Calfs - WIP
Boots - WIP
Recon helmet - WIP (IN FOAM! WOAHHHHH! With an interesting way of making the visor as well!!!)

Colour scheme will be a dark midnight blue with white trim.

Happy New Years everyone and all the best for 2013!