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Ok so this will most likely make sence more to people who have read Fall Of Reach.

In the book Drill Istructor Mendez sends the young spartans on missions, in the Reach wilderness, on a training course, use you imagination. In the book they realy only talk about one in particular and infer about his other missions.

I am planning a short film, but i am not giving details yet. I have so much on my plate right now that I am putting it out to you my fellow spartan fans to get creative and think up some fictional short stories about Mendez's missions. this is a small part in the grand scheme but it will be of great help to me.

Please PM me your ideas, and i will be picking one or melding a couple to use, and when it is used you will get due credit in the credits as

Writer of Mendez's Mission

your help would be greatly appreciated
Just remember with Mendez's missions there is always a trick and a twist ;)

Sounds good though, I'm not much of a writer, but I enjoy thinking up halo plots for minor characters.

Hey I can write the script/story. I usually win the writing contests in my class, so I can write if you want. My suggestion: DONT MAKE IT LIVE ACTION! Either leave it text, or get a good animator to animate it. Live actions come across as cheap/low budget and bad in quality. Make a streamlined animation, maybe get the guy who made Haloid to chip in. He needs to be in these forums. Send me a PM (message) with further details, please. Thanks

~ SilentCapybara
well i am doing it live action, it may not be the greatest but i think it will be worth it to use real people.

For those of you who are PM ing me stories or ideas, remember i need the spartans to be around age 10 - 13. I also need these stories to not include elaborate props, small simle gadgets could be fine but the more expensive it bacomes to make or the more porps the less likely i will be able to use it.
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