Need help, only slightly new to cosplay


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Hi so I am looking to make some Mark V armor from reach. I am making it out of EVA foam and don't need a whole lot of help for anything other than finding a helmet. I can't seem to find one in the search or in the armory. If anyone has a link to a template for either noble 6 style helmet.
This is a link to the templates I found for foam armor, and as you can see there is no helmet template for the foam.


Sorry, it is just a pep file. I don't know that anyone has ever done a foam conversion of the file, so you may have to. To make it for foam, look at the 2d window and pull out any small pieces and edge pieces that just give depth. Take all of that out. Turn off the flaps. After that, you have to separate folds that have to remain in the build, but you can ignore some of them. It's a bit of trial and error. There were tutorials floating around when everyone started switching to foam, but I don't have any saved to point you to.


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That will take a while of trial and error cause I have never used the pep thing before. Most of my cosplay I just hand drew a template and used a CNC machine to carve out the layers for weapons. I never did armor like this before.


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here you go! pretzel has a pepakura file for the mk.V and if you have used eva foam before, I believe for this one all you need to do is click on each piece and see if it is necessary or not(sometimes certain pieces are already made by the foam or are not needed) print out the pages, cut them out, and determine when and where to use beveled cuts. also you may need to find a reference and add more detail by hand when your done. good luck!

Helmets - Google Drive