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Hey. I just joined this forum, thought it would be cool and fun to make a MJOLNIR suit.

Any ideas where I should start? Is there a tutorial out there that can help me get started? (I have no experience with clay or any of the other materials, but would like to make one out of those materials)

I don't want to make a Pepakura one, unless theres a way to make it look less like paper and polygons.

Some people say start at the helmet, but the current tutorial link doesn't work (saw it in one of the pinned tutorial topics).


(Keep in mind that I'm only 15, and have also read the pinned topics)
im making mine out of cardboard, then paper macheing it, then painting it. for the helmet i bought a dirt bike helmet, now trying to get a gold visor for it.
Make sure you read all the tutorials on these forums and do searches if you cant' find it. I think you have a good handle on this anyway.

Start with something small, like a bicep, boot, or shoulder pad.

You *WILL* mess something up. So don't get discouraged.

The chemicals involved in making even a simple pepakura suit are dangrous and require parental supervision, and proper safety gear. Please please please get your parents to help you. You can help them by printing out or sending them links on how to use the fiberglass resin so they know what to expect, and can help you set up a proper area in the house to do this project.

To make the really nice armor is a complicated, expensive, time and space consuming process. However, if you think you really enjoy this, you might consider asking your parents for the supplies and educating yourself on how to use the numerous chemicals and products required to go through the process of making your original form, making a silicone rubber mold from that, and then casting polyurethane resin. This is the same if not extremely similar process professional FX and costuming companies use to make their products for movies and other productions, and they are always looking for talented individuals. You could make it a career.

If you read and search carefully enough, there is more than enough information on this site to make your pepakura armor.
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