1st Build Need help with messed up shin pieces

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Alright so, I have these shin pieces and they're super scuffed and I've got no clue on how to save them. I planned on repainting the pieces but I'd like to to hear some advice on how I could make them potentially look better shape wise before I seal and paint them again. I have a few scraps of foam left plus 2 weeks of time because then I'll be taking off for my first convention. I'd appreciate the help :)
A good way to keep what you have and add story to the damage is to create a mix of PVA glue and inks or paint to create a gel "mud" to apply to certain areas and use crushed colour pastels or graphite for dust weathering. If it's slightly damaged it just adds more real world lighting opportunities for photos and make the armour look more lived in.
Oh yeah, I haven't thought about using pva as a mud alternative, I'll definitely take it into consideration. But is there a way to alter the shape without completely bashing the shins?
Foam or fibreglass can be slightly shaped with a heat gun, you’ll want to gentle with it though. Or with foam you can use a sharp blade to trim areas and add or take away material then use contact cement to glue the seams together again. I wouldn’t recommend hot glue if you want to keep the seams clean and invisible. If you sealed the foam prior to painting the heat gun can also heal wrinkles in foam. Any deep tears will have to be filled with something like dap or do what turbo says and turn it into extra weathering.
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