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Can anyone help me out with making the needles? Either tell me where to get the material or possibly make them for me? I tried cutting plexiglass, but that got real frustrating real fast. Help me please!
don't use plexi glass. Get Acrylic rods that are square in shape then cut the ends at the angle u wish them to stand. after that sand them with 600-1000 grit sand paper to give them a frosted look so that the light will make them glow.
Better pull a vacuum on that clear resin Link, it bubbles like crazy!

Even if you just pull a vacuum on the mixed resin right before you pour, it should be better than nothing....
Where can I get these acrylic rods? any hardware store? and can I cut them with a scroll saw, because I don't have a laser cutter...

BTW, I think someone did use quartz crystals in their needler. I believe it was on ebay.
check your local craft store too, most of them carry acrylic materials. You can use a scoll saw to cut them just make sure you have a fine toothed blade, also if you cant find hexagonal rods buy square ones and use an electric sander to give you the extra edges
alright, thanks. I hope S&H isn't too expensive...I hate buying things over the net becuase you pay almost twice as much as what you're buying in S&H.
True. I hyperbolize. But anyway...I have the "Beak" done, and I am in the process of painting it. I also have the bottom piece finished and ready for paint. aLL i'll need to do is make the handle and the top piece, then paint both, and finally install the needles. I'll post pics when I can.
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