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Hopefully this is where I post. Just a quick hello and a big thanks to the members and the info that is in this site. Some of you may recognize me from other sites. I have been dabbling in all types of costumes for a while from Jango Fett which was my first to a Kroenen costume which is almost complete.

I have to say that this Pepakura stuff is amazing! Probably one of coolest costume making ideas I have come across. Thanks for looking and I will be updating with some pics soon.

Here are a few of pics. The white stuff is a product by Smooth-On. It is basically a 2 part liquid that when mixed forms a plastic shell. I opted for this because I had it laying around and did not want to glass.




I forgot how much Bondo stinks!
2 part plastic shell, huh? now THAT sounds interesting.... May I inquire as to how much and where you might find it?

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