New Halo games, lets talk about them.


Hey, guys. So I suppose by now you heard about The Halo Combat Evolved remake, and Halo 4. Both look quite awesome. I am personally much more exited for The Halo CE remake as I still play that game at LEAST an hour and a half every single day and have for the past 7 or 8 years. So lets talk about these games and I also would love to know how you got your roots in Halo and armor making. I started playing Halo CE about 2 weeks after it came out with my cousins. That was when I was 5 or 6, maybe even 4, Its been so long I don't remember. For me Halo was like heroin, I got hooked and I can't stop. But unlike heroin everytime a new Halo is announced or released It just keeps getting better each time. As for armor making, I started that about 7 or 8 years ago. I remember It was Christmas one year and all the wrapping paper rolls my parents left stacked in my room. I looked at them and saw them as rocket launchers. So I painted them all green and detailed them a bit. Once that happened fiberglass followed along with making real metal armor and guns. When I found the 405th armor making and Halo just got better. So thats it but If you have plans for the release concerning armor you plan to wear, things you want to do when its released, or anything else lets spark up some conversation. I have a feeling that Bungie was just the start for Halo. Now I think it will get bigger than ever. So here we go again, if you think Reach was the end of Halo all I can say is, "I think we're just getting started."