New Here, Colonial. Starting my build for Comic Con NYC and looking to make some new friends.


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I have been reading a lot in regards to building Halo Armor, and I bought a 3d base set from Reach I really liked to 3d print. I currently have 2 3d printers running an Anycubic Chiron (400x400x450) and a Ender Pro 3 (220x220x250). I can print a helmet and chest piece in one print thanks to my any cubic. I have printed and painted many helmets in the past, but never body armor. I started with EVA foam builds, they were fun but very time consuming. I used sintra to create a full Mandalorian helmet and body armor 2 years ago and even bought a sewing machine to build the soft parts. It took forever, and was not really fun. I thought it would be great if I could buy a 3d printer and make parts, so I did (Ender 3 Pro) and that took me months to really dial in all that is involved in 3d printing. I build many models and other fun stuff but when I made my first helmet it was a pain to print in pieces and put together, but I did. My son started wanting stuff, so I upgraded to the Anycubic (Love it!) and create everything in one print.

So why am I here? I decided to build Halo Armor. Like I said I bought the Reach Base set and plan to print and build off of that. I am not sure what direction I want to go, but I would like to be somewhat custom. I do not want to build another Master Chief, although that armor is awesome. I am here to learn from you all, make new friends in the process. I have learned so much about 3d printing maybe I can even help someone here. I am a father of 2 boys but a GIANT kid at heart. Anyone else going to Comic Con this year? My goal is have my build done by October in time for it. I am still trying to find a way to get those cool honey comb designs on my visor. So that is my first question.

Anyway, glad to meet you all.

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