new pretty pictures of halo 3- hi-res warning!

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Cool.. I was just comin' back here to link to it.

Guess that means I can get rid of all the Low res versions of those pics. Love the spike grenade appearing in the air in front of the warthog right outside that gate. In the EGM magazine they were like.. "no.. this is NOT a bug crushed onto the pages of your magazine..."






easter egg : click on the link in the first post and go to the 3rd pic. zoom in and look to the left of the light blue spartan's head. it reads "out of ammo" then "press (shoulder button)"
yeah, i'm sure it's just a not perfect photoshop job. but this is good news cuz i guess that confirms that these actual in-game shots, not pre-rendered pics.
Cool. I recently had a dream where I was playing this, the Valhalla map. But I wasn't PLAYING it, I was IN it, like I was MC moving around and what not. never killed anyone, and didn't get to use the Man cannon. I assume I never shot anyone because I don't know what the guns sound like, so my brain couldn't handel that on it's own. Come to think of it, there was one other player- a team mate. Also, I assume I didn't use the Man cannon because my brain doesn't know how far it would launch me.
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