New Recruit Orientation Video


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Great vid Adam, very helpful.
Glad to be a forum member and stoked to start my first project and post in this awesome community.


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Awesome video, that should be a must watch before posting. I'm glad I saw it early on.

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Thank you for the Welcoming Introduction! The video gave me a nice look into what the 405th is about and how to interact within it. Again, thank you for the video!


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Excellent video. I better go see if I introduced myself.... :p

Edit: Whoa! Turns out I did five years ago! Just went in and updated it.



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Thanks for the video, Adam. I do have to go and edit a thread I recently posted though after watching as I realized it sounds more like a "what should I make" post than what I had actually intended.


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Thank you Adam :)
I had joined the forum years ago but an update to the program wiped me out. Now i'm back with a project in mind that i hope won't offend anyone as it blends two of my favourite things :)
anywho off to read me some sticky bits...


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Learning a lot now.
So strange after 25 years in the military I'm a noob again lol
Very informative video