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Hollis DZC

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I've been involved in costuming for several years now. SW,Colonial Marines, LOTR, SST and now finally, Halo Armor.

I'm Bountys Hunted on TDH,, RPF and Hollis DZC on The Aliens Legacy and Whiskey Outpost (SST).

I've got enroute 2 Spartan Armor suits from Richie's Armor. I understand there are more detailed versions out there, but I'm looking incredibly forward to putting these together. I'll be looking at all the tutorials, etc. and sure as hell will appreciate any tips towards making these suits look darn good.

My almost 18 yr old son and I have enjoyed Halo since Day One. We're sooo jazzed! Just bought the Halo3 Xbox (like I needed another one!) and the Legendary version.

Looking forward to hanging out here!

I've spent some time checking out suits, and my god, the talent on this forum is amazing! I had no idea there were so many Halo sculptors, the sheer amount of detail presented makes me worried how mine is going to look! It's been a long time waiting for it, and a bit nervous now, after seeing Blue Realm, Sean, Adam, Link, etc. work! Man...
Sure, his son Briar has some pics of his suit. Richie is an old time prop maker. Did some of the first Star Wars stuff waaay back when...

This has some pics of their earlier armor, mainly based on Halo and Halo2.

Whether it's up to the standards of the armor on this forum, it's hard to say. There's some better to be sure, but I think it can be made to be lookin' pretty darn good!

Of course, seeing some of the incredible detailed armor here, my god, no it isn't the "same". But, it should become a very nice suit of Spartan armor. Supposedly, I'm getting some of the newer stuff, so I can't wait to see it!
You say you bought the Halo 360 "like I needed another one?" You know, with that other one, you could... you know...
Yeah, Briar's his son, chip off the old block 'eh? :) He did a pretty nice job on the sniper rifle too.

Yeah, I've got tooooo many Xbox's. With this new one, I've got 3. One isn't even used at all. It's just languishing in the closet, feeling forlorn and lonely...very doubtful I'll have 3 tv's to hook them all up.

I bought from a buddy for $250- haven't even played it. Supposed to have several games on it, don't remember which ones. If you're in need of one, it can be yours pretty easily. I'm pretty easy to get along with. I'd rather someone else have it, enjoying it, than me just storing it.

I'd be open to tradin' Halo stuff for it...
Well, I was gonna say put it in the classifieds, but, yeah! I would love to trade something for it... Now I'm getting off topic. Pm me maybe?
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