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    Hey guys, I'm going to need your help in filling in this thread. If you know of any events, let me know or post it here so I can add it to the list.


    Name: Steampunk NZ Festival
    Date: June 1-5
    Location: Oamaru, New Zeland
    The Steampunk movement in New Zealand started with a beer mug.

    Agent Darling created an exhibition piece for a party in 2008. It was received so well, and stimulated the imaginations of so many that he wanted to hold an exhibition of Oamaru's creative minds. Thus the first League of Victorian Imagineers Steampunk: tomorrow as it used to be exhibition, was held at the Forrester Gallery in Oamaru in 2009. It was part of the Victorian Heritage week.
    There were a great deal of guns and inventions that appealed to the 'boys'. What could be done to involve the 'girls'? Sally Hope suggested a fashion show and gala ball. The first one was in June 2010. From that the Steampunk NZ Festival evolved as participants and spectators requested more steampunk events over the weekend. The annual Steampunk NZ Festival is the largest, longest running steampunk event in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Name: LexiCon
    Date: June 2-4
    Location: Taupo, New Zeland
    Events: Panel Discussions, Workshops, Gaming, Filking (Folk Music), Book launches, Cosplay and Costuming, Masquerade, Art and Art Competition.

    Name: Wellington Armageddon

    Date: June 3-5
    Location: Wellington, New Zeland
    Events: Cosplay and Cosplay Parade, Pokemon Go Festival, Sword Exhibition, Hot Dog Eating Contest, Gaming Lounge, IPW Wrestling Stars, "Magic the Gathering" Tournament, MTG Adept Selectionals, Ice Skating, Laser Tag, Pokemon Card and Vanguard Card Tournaments, Wellington Milsim Air Soft Demonstrations
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