Newbie from the 501st saying hello!

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Hello 405th! My name is Martin and I am very glad to have found you guys and very honored to be here! I am very excited about this board and the hopes and future of owning armor. I am a costume heavy that has come over from the 501st be a part of this grand infantry!

I have had a love of Sci/Fi costuming for about 5 years now, but my stuff is Star Wars heavy. I have a Neo and Colonial Marine that I made, and am finishing a Malcolm Reynolds costume, but everything else has been SW. I have desired the master chief for a long time, so I am happy as can be to be here.

I have to admit I am not a big gamer. I used to have the addiction heavy but had to step back. My personality was such that I was losing whole weekends and had to let go of the keyboard. Now it seems I left too soon. I play on occasions and am usually the fodder of many, but the love is still there. My truest love come from Red vs Blue. I am forever in debt to Rooster Tooth for fueling my love of the armor and the desire to be blue. While some have blond moments...I have Caboose moments!

Thanks so much, and it is a pleasure to be here. Hope to see you around the boards.

ps...hope I posted in the right spot!
I am not on the boards...never even thought about it. Well off to another board! It would be the same as this one FireStorm. I used to fight forest fires. I spent 14 years buckin' the brush and climbing mountains to save flaming trees, but now I am a science teacher.
Welcome to the 405th! It's got everything you'll need to become a Spartan! And, like JediFranz said, you ought to join us on the Aliens Legacy board!! We have a ton of fun! It's a real good group.
Hey, I'm a fellow 501st-er, TK_2386, Ohio (where I live)/Midsouth (Where I go to school) Garrison. Good to see another trooper on the boards.
Star wars and halo........



well......this is a little belated.
Well, you are from the 501st so obviously you weren't going to talk like a noob, but thanks for not being a noob saying "Ohhh can you guys make mez some armurs, cuz my friends said you maded like out of cardzboArd and you can lik fiberglass it and stuffz. I wanted it be like adamz yas."

Well, on topic here, welcome to the 405th and you probably have some skills in armor making so I can expect a great suit!
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