Newbie to Cosplay, where would I find the files for a Mark VI Halo 3 FOAM spartan suit?


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I'm brand new here, and brand new to cosplaying. I want to make the Mark VI spartan armor from Halo 3, and wear it to comic con. Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in terms of the correct FOAM files, and what materials I would need to build my suit. Thanks!


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Hi KerbalCommander! A foam MC is a worthy goal and if you start now a quality job can be accomplished in 6 months so you should be able to make your goal. It is not going to be easy though. It will take a lot patience and practice. You should start by combing this site for tutorials as well as youtube. For materials most people use EVA floor mats, found most cheaply at Harbor Freight.

As for your request for files, normally most could be found easily in the archive, but it is currently being renovated. When a file is not able to found we ask that you post your request in the appropriate thread instead of creating new threads just for a single question. This is the sticky thread for it...Pepakura/Model Requests: Second Edition The other thread you found works too. Please respond to the post I made over there. See you soon. ;)


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Hi KerbalComander

The files that I used can all be found in this thread Halo Spartan Mark VI Foam Files : Complete Armour files. I added extra details to some of the pieces with craft foam.

Except for the forearms, for that I used the flyingsquirrel edit, which is in the archive.

Good luck and feel free to ask for help! If you do a WIP thread it helps if you have questions. Also, check out the threads of people who have already done the Halo 3 MKVI, they can be very helpful.