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Alright, so with the Halo Trilogy and Halo Wars the universe spans FPS most effectively and is beginning to start in on RTS.

What all else would you like to see in terms of game types.

While I am looking forward to Halo Wars, I wish the RTS would have some space-based combat options. I'd love to re-create the Keys maneuver. I also want to play from the Covenant side, through their formation and up to the schism caused by Halo.

Another thing I'd like to see is a Squad-based tactical "shooter." While they've been done before, I'd love to see a development in the UNSC/ODST and Covenant units and squad based intelligence improvements. Secretly I also want to be able to order Lekgolo around and the Unggoy are hilarious, as well as find out (finally?) what a Food Nipple is.

Anyone else? Am I alone and insane?
To me a squad tactical shooter would only be good with the S-III's because it seems like Marines and ODST's can't handle themselves in combat. [Looking at this while playing Halo on Legendary- which is "supposed" to be the true combat in the Halo Universe.], so unless it's a Spartan I don't think it would be much fun...
adreniline said:
Halo was MEANT to be an RTS. So I'm looking forward to what it may have been.

yeah but Halo Wars looks nothing like what the orgininal was meant to be, alas no more blind wolf

anyways ODST strategy shooter would be so much fun, never play R6: Vegas again if it was done right, and the marines are not the most briliant AI compared to the covenant, like driving over cliffs, jumping in front of vehicles, etc...thats not how they are in the books
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abandonship said:
MustangMatt said:
A little bird told me Halo doesn't stop at 3..... :lindsey:

halo 3 is the end of this story arc.

In the interview with Frankie at Amsterdam, Frankie says that they will be working on a project with Peter Jaxson’s Game. Any other Halos will not (if they do them later on) have the same set of Characters.


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Mobeus said:
You mean Peter Jackson's movie =3

They also mentioned his game. Idk, someone else will have to go back and check.


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Oh really? Never heard that..
Gimme a shout if you find out at what point that was, and I'll take a look.
Ares said:
Halo MMO ftw.
I've always wanted to have a giant epic battle with spartans in Pelicans and your looking out side the pelican and the pelican next to your gets hit right in the engine and spins out of control spilling guys. Then you get hot dropped right into a massive battle with tons of tanks and wraiths all around, banshees coming in and make bombardment runs. Then your guys getting pinned down by a group elites, and calling in a longsword air strike. That would be soooo awesome. And yes I have thought a lot about this.
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I really don't like the look of Halo Wars. and the Peter Jackson game sounds dumb as hell. Halo Wars should be in Star Wars Battlefront style.

I do agree that doing the Keys maneuvers would ROCK. And also having the Cole Protocol thing for those suicide runs....
a star wars battlefront type halo game would be cool. i cant wait for halo wars. i hope it has online capabilities
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