ODST Costume (Help Wanted)

Kaya Tetsu

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All right, I want to try my hand at a halo cotume,but I'm not ready to try and make a spartan quite yet.I want to make an ODST,but I have no idea where to start. I'm having trouble finding refrence pics. I found this thread,but I need some of different angles. I'm also having trouble figuring out what to make it out out of. I can probably find some black and gray BDUs,but what should I use for the actual armor? Should it be fiberglass or something along that lines? Plastic? Leather? Fabric? How would I go about it. Any suggestions on the gloves or the boots? I'm a complete noob when it comes to Halo costumes and any type of armor. Costumes I can kind of do,but I've never fiberglassed or molded anything before. Can somone please point me, in the right direction?