ODST DFT Build Round #2 @ 100% Complete & A Costume Contest

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  1. Elcorio

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    Hello all. I am just about done with my oldest son's DFT armor set and figured I would go ahead and post the pics. The only thing left to do is fit test and start strapping everything together. I learned quite a lot from building my youngest son's and implemented quite a few things differently than the stock build from the videos.

    I also challenged myself to incorporate magnets on the thigh plates and build the magnum pistol with magnets inside to attach to the thigh plate. Because of the humidity in the Southeast part of the country, I decided to take a shot at adding fans into the helmets. Again, first time for everything right?

    As a disclaimer, I know the armor is not game accurate, but its for the kids and they love it just as much. There is a Halloween costume contest at a local fair in our area this weekend and it will be the first time anyone has seen the armor in its completed state. I'll come back to the thread and post those pics later. Hopefully with a little trophy. LoL.

    Anyhow, enjoy the pics, let me know if there is anything I could have done differently or ask if there is something about the build that you have a question about.

    295.jpg 298.jpg 299.jpg 315.jpg 316.jpg 317.jpg 318.jpg 331.jpg 333.jpg 345.jpg 1506471308681.jpg 1506737365721.jpg 1506737409806.jpg 1506737424186.jpg IMAG1581.jpg IMAG1628.jpg IMAG1629.jpg IMAG1630.jpg IMAG1632.jpg IMG_20171007_215459.jpg IMG_20171009_221025.jpg IMG_20171009_221033.jpg IMG_20171011_211243.jpg IMG_20171011_212216.jpg IMG_20171011_212251.jpg IMAG1605.jpg
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  2. mblackwell1002


    Woooooooowwww.....That's unbelievable. Your foam work is so insanely clean. How did you finish the process? Your coat of paint looks sooo smooth and flawless, did you apply something to smooth the EVA?

    Now, I consider myself a good foam builder. But compared to you? A novice. :)

    Awesome work. I look forward to more!
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  3. Elcorio

    Elcorio New Member

    As if. Thanks for the compliment though.

    The finish is nothing more than repeated coats of mod podge (7-10) and a light wet sanding with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper then several very light coats of the spray paint.
  4. Elcorio

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    Just to finish off the thread with an update. Pics from the local costume contest. My kids took 3rd place in the contest under the "Movie Character" category. Thanks everyone for the likes and comments between this thread and my first one while building the two sets of armor. I feel I have now gotten comfortable enough in the build process to try my hand at the foam pep builds and will be looking to start on another suit using those files versus the DFT ones in the future.
    _DSC1434.JPG _DSC1442.JPG _DSC1452.JPG _DSC1458.JPG _DSC1465.JPG _DSC1475.JPG _DSC1476.JPG _DSC1478.JPG _DSC1483.JPG _DSC1485.JPG _DSC1489.JPG _DSC1502.JPG _DSC1512.JPG _DSC1539.JPG _DSC1573.JPG _DSC1468.JPG _DSC1479.JPG _DSC1532.JPG _DSC1540.JPG
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  5. Lowcone494


    Those look amazing!! the capes look awesome as well!
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  6. Terric


    Very nice tthed pictures looks awsome

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