ODST Dutch - Helmet Finishing (WIP)

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\\ UPDATE No. 8 << (Hey, that rhymes)

I haven't been able to achieve very much with this week, or last. My mind has been set on other phenomenons.

I really wanted that additional area of green on the helmet. I masked of the area, this time using a type of electrical tape for it's flexibility around curves, of the lower respirator / vent section and got to work. I wanted to cover everything as I didn't want to risk any over spray and ruin my weathering work.

Not much to this update, but I hope to draw this to a close soon.
WP_20160404_20_54_31_Raw__highres.JPG WP_20160404_20_54_44_Raw__highres.JPG WP_20160404_20_55_02_Raw__highres.JPG WP_20160404_20_55_18_Raw__highres.JPG

The other phenomenons..


Looking good so far, nice to know another Aussie around here

Sean Bradley makes such wonderful casts, does he not? I'm drooling myself to go get a dutch helmet, so far that's not a option with my budget... Still gotta pay dem school fees >.<

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I like your desert paint scheme, wonderful attention to detail. Also, your photos give enough detail on all the steps involved.

Great job! :thumbsup


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Very Nice. I have been tossing back and forth getting one of Sean's helmets. My mellon size is the only thing that is making me hesitant.

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\\ UPDATE No. 9 <<

A big thank you to all who have shown interest into this project. The larger part of 2016 hasn't been too kind - I lost someone close to me which resulted in everything to come to a halt. In short, please consider this project complete and watch this short video I made showing the helmet in it's final form.