odst helmet well WIP

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i know. you said it wasnt. was just saying whoever was building it, is doing a good job.
Hi there! I designed it a little big so to have plenty of room for fans and such. In my opinion, helmets need to be big to protect your head. I'm not real big on accuracy, just pleasing myself.


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I think it's sweet Darth. Keep up the good work. I can't wait until it's finished, I know it's going to look sweet. I mean, the movie one isn't accurate to the game.

When are you going to mold it?
I officially suck. I made the mold and casted out a helmet, but it is way too freakin big. No more sculpting over motorcycle helmets. Adam, I'll be waiting for your ODST. :hyper:
I'm still working on the armor though, I'll just be a helmetless ODST for a while. Glad I ordered that patrol cap in subdued camo.
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