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So i've been chugging away at my thigh piece, and i've gone through about three iterations, and i just cant seem to get it right. On the part of the inner thigh where the armour is like, Ribbed? I guess is the correct way to say it, it always is too tight. i'm doing it as one solid piece, and just scoring in the lines where there is separation as seen in the pic.
Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 9.41.23 AM.png

What i'm wondering is if it would be better to just cut out each of those strips separately and glue them in a stair step fashion, or if it would be fine to keep it as one piece of foam like i've been doing it. (for this particular piece, i'm using 2mm foam)


When I get home later this evening, i'll post a pic of my current progress so y'all can get a better look at what i'm talking about.


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I worked on that exact part on my odst thighs last weekend. Didn't get it done, but I determined that I am going to try a two layer approach with one flat layer and then the individual strips added on separately. This giving it that 3d look and having good/clean separation between the strips. The whole piece I'm thinking about using velcro to attach it so it doesn't contrast the hole too much to get my leg through. I don't have pics but I hope that description makes sense. I will be excited to see how you handle that section. It's definitely a tough section.


I ended up using a single layer of foam that I scored and heated to make the inner thighs. Around about Wednesday of last week, I had an epiphany, realizing that the fantastic MoeSizzlac has the thigh files on Thingiverse, which proved to be a great reference. After much trial, tribulation, loss of motivation, and a couple of late nights later, however, I have finished one thigh, and the second should be coming a whole lot sooner as I now know what i'm doing (mostly). Pics will come tonight! (I mean it this time)


Thank you all for bearing with me as I struggle to upload posts and/or pics. I hope to have the armour done by the time June rolls around, but with school and work, we'll see.... but, I am super excited to be finally finishing my suit, and i'm also really happy with how it's turned out so far.


As you may notice, the plate that sits on top of the main body of the thigh is from the DFT files, attached to the structure of the H3: ODST game.

I cant wait to paint everything though, i think it will look really cool once its all weathered and finished.


Here are more angles to see, the glue work does need a once over to clean up some stuff, as well as some of the edges could use a dremmel to even them up.


Over the past week, I have made a bit of progress. I disassembled the shin armour portion from the knee portion on the old armour piece and set to work fixing a couple of busted seams, reenforcing the whole thing over all, and going over exposed seams with some EVA foam clay that I have. everything is properly dried, and they are all good to go. construction begins on the shin/ calf section this weekend!


Hello everyone!
I am, in fact, still alive! I honestly forgot I have a thread to update, but here comes a big one.

So, the idea of using the previous build's knees didn't go so well, so I scrapped it and began work on the shin/knees that are seen in H3:ODST.
it went went well for the most part, and they came out well, albeit a bit bigger then I was expecting, but I am happy with it.


The construction of the first shin went smashingly, taking a loooooong time, but it was well worth the effort I think.
The second shin took significantly less time to complete, but I feel came out slightly more..... janky? Idk, I chalked it up to the quirks of hand making something.

So, i'm organizing this post in order of my last one, for continuity purposes, but before I actually got started on the shins, I had hit another motivation wall, because I had never done a full calf armour around my legs, only shinguards like in the DFT ODST, and so the task was a little daunting. So, instead, I just worked on the other thing that needed done.

The backpack!

It isn't 100% game accurate, but I didn't worry about it. The inside is hollow, but I couldn't figure out a way to make a sort of lid or anything like that to utilize the storage space, so for now its more form over function, but i think it came out well.

So, what does it look like with everything else?
Well, that a topic for another tim-

nahhhhh... im joking, here yall go!

So, with all of the building out of the way, all that must be done is painting and weathering, so updates on that soon. (hopefully) I may or may not upload a suit-up pic, but i'm debating wether or not I should wait until its finished to build maximum maximum suspense...

But, updates may come in a while, because I have turned this hobby into a profession, and a string of commissions have just come in, so those will be taking most of my time. I'll update when I can!



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