ODST vs Spartan mobility

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Hey all,

Joined this site a while back when I was doing a custom Reach Spartan (didn't turn out the best due to poor sizing and time constraints), but after almost a decade of doing Star Wars suits (custom Mandalorian, TIE Pilot, Vader, Palpatine) I'd like to revisit the Halo universe.

My question is if there's a noticeable difference in mobility and comfort between an ODST suit and a Spartan suit? I'd probably do EVA foam for the body armor parts and plastic/fiberglass for the helmet.

Asking because as much as I love my Vader suit, it would be nice to be able to sit down or bend over or pick up things occasionally lol
Mobility can be hard to say, both can be modified to be more easy to move in
I gotcha. Should also probably clarify the style of Spartan armor I'd be looking at; more like Reach or Infinite, not like Halo 4 where the armor is 60% exposed undersuit.
Because ODST armor doesn't necessarily have a wrap around chest piece the way Spartans do, generally it's got more mobility. The chest layer that does wrap around in ODST is often not made of hard material and therefore allows for some flexibility. Generally the shins and thighs are pretty similar as well as boots and forearms. However, the space diaper on Spartans can get in the way with the thighs and just general flexibility. My understanding is that a lot of people have mobility issues with Spartan arms because of the bicep armor and the shoulder armor running into the chest and each other. You don't have a space diaper or bicep armor on a ODST so its not really a concern. I have not quite finished my ODST and have never made a Spartan but that is my understanding from watching others and my own build.
In general:
-SPARTANS are going to be as limited as Clones, so, even more so than TKS.
-ODSTS are going to be somewhere between a Scout and a TK, probably closer to a Mando, more mobility than a SPARTAN, but still not great.

That said, there is the every present caveat that it's just like with Star Wars costumes in that it is all about how you size it and how you rig it up/wear it. For example, some people are almost completely immobilized in their TKs and have to shuffle along, but I can run, jump, do push ups and pull ups in my TK. I know some folks here who are immobilized in their SPARTANs and others who have as much mobility in either SPARTANs as I do in my TK.

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