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ok i printed out my pep stuff on regular paper (im using cardstock for the real thing) but im practicing for right now, but i dont know what to do. you cut out the pieces then fold them accordingly, but where do you glue them togeather? i know u match up the numbers but i just dont get it, im kind of lost and if anyone has a detailed tut on this step id be nice, and dont link me to the folding one

thanks :D
Here is a link...

Tutorial: How to use Pepakura to make your Mjolnir Armor

And here is one on folding. I know, I know... There are several and this one has good pics. In this tutorial Iceman29 is showing you how to fold one of the tabs which u use to hot glue the pieces together.

Tutorial: How to make Good Folds for Pepakura Armor

If you don't have the tabs then you need to turn them on in Pepakura before you print. Any more questions and you can PM me.

As an after thought this tutorial is great...

From Start to Finish!! (Tutorial), A how to make pep armor tutorial!!
well i had read both of those already, but the one pic that showed the flap being glued under the other number is what i didnt know about, thanks tho i get it now, i still dont get how ur saposed to know what angle to fold it to, but i figure itll just come togeather as i do it, thanks again
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