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ONI Recon armour (H3 ODST) build

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by ThermalSoarer, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. ThermalSoarer

    ThermalSoarer New Member

    I've been working slowly on getting the mods done to the helmet. I've got a few done already, and am about halfway through doing them.


    I was going to just layer up the card around the cut out parts to make them solid, but then realised just how long that would take to do! Instead, I've ended up using corrugated cardboard to provide the depth, coated with superglue on the inside to help stiffen it.


    Hopefully by next weekend I'll be ready to add a layer of resin and the fibreglass to the inside. After that, I'll use bondo to provide the rest of the details I need.
  2. Xav kitsune

    Xav kitsune

    a design styling, if you look close on the ODST gloves, the pinkie flange is completely fingerless(as in nothing on the pinkie is covered) with knuckle padding on pointer, middle, and ring fingers. if you want a screen accurate version of the glove covering I would suggest you contact Sean Bradley, he sells the glove covers for a reasonable price.
  3. Husky1988

    Husky1988 New Member

    Looking great!

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