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well.....on my last set of armor i didnt match master chiefs color exactly and it reeeeaaly bothered me. on some pics of armor people have made they seem to match it almost perfectly. i was just wondering what color you chose. i heard some people say oregano. but my local crat store (michales) didnt have that. where did you get your paints from? and answers are well apreciated thanks! :D


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I used adams oregano and black primer. It looks identical to a poster in one of his pics. Go to his gallery and check out his pics. he has one of him standig under a halo poster and look pretty close to exact. and he has the tut on how he made it look like that in the vid section.

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Sweet, that's the color I used on my armor.

I am looking for something with a bit more metallic sheen to it though. Then it would be perfect.