Pep armor

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Hey guys, I'm new here. Just started on my pep armor (got the files from the pep armor tutorial) and I'm wondering if the chest piece is at a good scale? Not sure because the bottom part seems to give me about an inch or so to move around in....




any comments and suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!
I think it looks good. You seem to be ready to move up to the Halo 3 models, or the high detail models (If you want the best armor you can make).

My basic Halo 3 models HERE. (Mk VI only)
My high detail boots and hand plate HERE (bicep and more coming soon)
Flying_squirrels High detail helmet and chest HERE (chest has been recalled for the moment)
Dannifood4less' smooth helmet HERE (Smooth Halo 3 helmet)

Slyfo's are very good, to many open edges, and the right faces haven't been removed.

You can always do the halo 2 ones, but I'm all for the highest detail you can make. :D
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