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so i have printed out the pieces of the pep helm onto card stock and i was wondering what to do next.
well, obviously i have to cut them out, glue them together and folds and whatnot, but what happens after that?
can u just use the resin on the thing without fiberglass or do u need it?
god, i feel like a noob rite now...ARRGH!

thx for them helps
If you want a helmet thats flimsy and smashable then you can just resin, fiberglass makes it super strong.
but wont it be all prickly and poky if u fiberglass it inside? cuz alot of people said to fiberglass it inside and not out...if you do fiberglass it outside, is it any difference to fiberglassing it inside?
You will lose all detail when you fiberglass the outside... take our word for it... follow the directions laid out in the stickies in the Peparuka forum..

Pep it, resin the outside, fiberglass the inside, then cutout visor/detail...... the inside shouldn't be all pricky pokey or whatever if you do it right... details are needed and therefore i should fiberglass the inside...does anyone know the price for fiberglass mats? i already know the resin price, around 50 bucks for 4L and should i use a pop can visor or something else? what i mean is, should i cut out the pop can, spray it with a tint and then glue it onto the helm or use a reflective gold visor for like 20-50 bucks?
Seriously, 40 dollars? I pay 12 dollars and bought 2 of them.

Dont use pop can visor, those who try dont come out with quality helmets (no offense if you used one, but i'm just saying, coke bottle vs hjc, anyone will agree hjc looks nicer)
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