Pep Weapon Suggestions

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I've been looking at the fantastic pep weapons that everyone's knocking out, and I'm pretty impressed.
But I was thinking - could we use various materials after we construct the pep?
For instance, the main body of the AR looks to me like a 2x4.
I also think that gun barrels could be made of PVC pipe. Metal pipes too, but PVC is lighter and easier to paint.
As for the other parts of the AR, the cardstock pieces could be glassed and attached to the wood.

The Blue parts could be easily glassed. You could take those parts, add a little reinforcement, and glass them like the helmets.
This is probably more suited to the guys just making one weapon, but could easily be adapted to make molds. But you'd probably need to use silicon, like ADAM did for his AR.
I made the barrel on mine out of PVC. It worked wonderfully. I'm not much of a woodworker though so I'd stick to cardstock. But it's a good idea for anyone who's good with wood.

Well that would work, but you'd need to hot glue or epoxy the pep pieces to the wooden body, then you'd need to bondo the pieces together or else they wouldnt look right, I think that this would make fiberglassing the inside easier because you're cutting the pieces anyways, but, I think that the gun will be heavier, some may still want one lighter.
I would suggest making the full pep AR to get sizes. If you make the full pep, then measure the main body - you could make it out of wood. The other blue pieces, you could pep together, but not attach to the main body, then you could resin and fiberglass those without having to cut anything apart. Once those are done, you can attach the glassed pieces to the wood with countersink screws. With a little filler, you'll never see them. For the handle area, use 3/4" MDF.

What I'm seeing with the AR stuff is that the main body doesn't stay straight, the weight of the glue and cardstock causes the main body to bend some. Of course you could use thicker cardboard... Also, by glassing the different pieces seperately, it will be easier to do. Then, if you decide that you want to use this as a master mold, you can use silicon and go from there. I honestly think there is no real good way to cut a pep weapon in half to fiberglass it - because you won't really be able to put it together back properly.

EDIT to add: SOLIP5IL, I hope you don't mind me using your pics as ref - I'm sorry I didn't ask first. They were just such good pics.

Above: Make these parts in pep and fiberglass them. Should be easy because they are not enclosed. No problems with getting into them at all.


Above: Make this part out of wood, possibly 2 sheets of 3/4" MDF cut and shaped. Then attach the glassed pieces to the main body.

This will make a more durable AR. The wood will weigh more than the fiberglass, but it should give it a realistic feel when it's held. And if you want to make multiples, you could silicon it and then do it that way. I think it would be better than trying to cut the Pep AR in half and glassing it that way.
I like your Ideas Vader but I would stay away from MDF. MDF has to much weight to it, and the cost of MDF is a little high last time I checked. Simple pine would work fine keep the weight down is cheaper and is easy to work with. Simple pine is what I used on my MA5K build. Its light and very sturdy.

Here is another idea that I demonstrated in my MA5K thread. Using Sculpy clay to make all the small detail pieces. Trigger, magazine release, safety and the bolt carrier. Once made and shaped to fit after sanding they can be glued into position or screwed to the wood main body.

I really like the idea of combining Pepakura with wood. The way you laid it out seems it would be much easier to put electronics in the HUD on the AR. This is the rout I am going when I get around to making my AR. Thanks for sharing your Ideas :)
Spartan 161 said:
and the cost of MDF is a little high last time I checked.
A 48"X96"X3/4" piece of MDF is aboot 20$ where I live in Florida. That's about 63 cents per square foot.

Also, what's with all the bold?
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well i suggest someone does an exploded 3d pep model with supports so it can be done with out being warped i hope i get that model finished and released here before christmas
I haven't looked at the pep file, but you should be able to put it together without the main stock. To help it keep the shape, you could cut some pieces out from your unused cardstock to make supports, similar to what FS did with his helmet/torso. Granted, you'll have to do a little work rather than just cut out shapes, but it should work, and then you can resin and fiberglass it.

MDF isn't very expensive when compared to other materials. I suggest it because it's durable and easy to cut and shape. I does have a little weight to it, but you could use something else instead if you'd like, say a 2x4. Be sure to ask about scraps - a lot of times there are pieces they can't use/sell, so they just give them away. You have to be persistent, though, and check everyday or so. Also, a 4x8 sheet of MDF would be waaaay more than you need for one AR, so you could make multiple stocks... for whatever reason. ;)
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