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Pepakura File Database!

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by Ghost147, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Ghost147

    Ghost147 Well-Known Member

    Ok everyone, this is it! This is what all the noobs (including myself) and all the beginners really really need. I know, we have the Halo costuming index. But i'm not just talking Halo here. I'm talking everything we can think of or find! So, I've done a quick Google search to make an accumulation of multiple game/video pep files of an even larger number of characters! This is what I have so far. If you know of something, or find something of WHATEVER character, weapon or what have you. then send me the link, tell me where it's from and what it's for and i'll update the list!

    Starting with the easy stuff


    * 1 Marine Armor

    o 1.1 Halo 1 Marines' Armor

    o 1.2 Halo 3 Marines' Armor

    o 1.3 Halo 3 Naval Pilot (Marine Variant) Armor

    * 2 ODST Armor

    o 2.1 Halo 2 ODST Armor

    o 2.2 Halo 3 ODST Armor

    o 2.3 Halo 3: ODST Game Characters

    * 3 Halo: Ghosts of Onyx (Novel)- Semi-Powered Infiltration

    * 4 Halo Wars: Mark IV

    * 5 Mark V

    * 6 Mjolnir Mark VI

    o 6.1 Mark VI High Detail Parts

    o 6.2 Mark VI Normal Detail Parts

    * 7 Mjolnir Permutations

    o 7.1 Mark V (High Detail)

    o 7.2 E.V.A

    o 7.3 E.O.D

    o 7.4 Recon

    o 7.5 CQB

    o 7.6 Rogue

    o 7.7 Scout

    o 7.8 Security

    o 7.9 Hayabusa

    * 8 Covenant Armor

    o 8.1 Arbiter

    o 8.2 Grunt Armor

    o 8.3 Hunter Armor

    * 9 Weapons

    o 9.1 Covenant

    o 9.2 UNSC

    * 10 Vehicles

    * 11 Equipment

    Star Wars

    * 1 Miniature Pep Models

    * 2 Clone trooper helmet

    Half Life 2

    * 1 Combine helmet (metro cop)

    Fallout 3

    * 1 Helmet t-46d

    * 2 T-51b Shins (A4 Version only)

    * 3 Stealth Boy

    * 4 Slave Collar

    * 5 Combat Armour - with supports

    * 6 Cryo Mine

    * 7 Cryolator

    * 8 Thighs

    * 9 Android Component

    * 10 Frag Grenade

    * 11 Pass Card

    * 12 Liberty Prime

    * 13 Chest

    * 14 Toe caps

    * 15 Shins

    * 16 Cod piece

    * 17 Back plate

    * 18 Fallout 3 Mini Nuke

    * 19 Reilly full size

    Vampire Hunter

    * 1 Weapon


    * 1 Helmet and Mask


    * 1 Space marine gun

    * 2 Space Marine Helmet

    * 3 Terminator Head

    Iron Man

    * 1 Mark III Iron man Armour
  2. Skupilkinson

    Skupilkinson Well-Known Member

    You've missed a lot of Star Wars models and Pep files. ;) Both free models and files for sale.
  3. Ghost147

    Ghost147 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it took a while :) could you link me up!?!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 26, 2017
  4. Sigma LS

    Sigma LS Sr Member

    Pretty sure that kensai posted that the new SITEHOSTED pep database was online like 3 days ago. And pretty much all those files you posted originated from the creators posting on this site so why do we need the doubling up? The old 20 page download database that we had here (invisible now) was organized like this and quickly became unusable after a couple of pages.

    Just saying, no need for more redundancy. We have plenty of that as is. And it's not nice to post things without the creators consent.


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