Pepakura H2 Armor Parts Exported From Pepakura

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Can be use without Pepakura.

Helmet Default scalling. Grey. Can be printed on Letter format. Compressed, need WinRar (Free).






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Next will come this week.
Is this pepakura models of armor? If so, we already have it. (sorry to tell you), I can't download ATM.
So it's set for 46" chest, 36/38" Waist and for someone over 7ft tall??

Much as I appreciate everyone's enthusiams for non paperkura templates.. Wouldn't you be better waiting until the sizing/scaling for various body configurations is finalised? After all.. Once you've finished it'll just have to be done again..

Having made a chest, a helmet and a set of biceps.. I've already redone the chest and helmet.

I'd rather spare someone else the chore of making a set then finding out it didn't fit them... Demoralising is a word that springs to mind.
Yes, it's pretty much the same pages the Pepakura makes.

No, you can't change the sizes. That was JediFraz's point.
for the helmet you have the pages huge when it comes up in photoshop. too big to print on 8x11. what size are your pages supposed to be and i can resize them, or what size should i make them to fit me better?
Don't print it with photoshop. Put all the files in a folder, Right click and select Print.

Print with the Print wizard xD

Which scale do you want?
Wow Man thanks a bunch, always wanted to try this. This is exactly what I need!!! :happy1:
Whats print wizard?? Oh and what scale would fit an average person?
oh well i didn't read you reply before i printed them, i used photoshop and just resized each image to 8 1/2 x 11 so i guess i'll see how it comes out.
:eek I need help with this, once I have my scale calculations where do I
put them in to make my helmet smaller, I wanna get my project started!! :p
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