Pepakura Helmet Upgrade

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thx working...................

the crap looking part will look ok but for now i had to delete the poly and replace it to make the helmet symmetrical.
Maybe take a look at the section where the visor meets the helmet on the side (202 203 200). I think this triangle piece should be flat instead of ploygoned for easy insertion of a visor.


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awesome!! but could som1 chop it up so that each piece is only 1 page big? i would, but i cant save with my version of pep..


MC Chris

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Since you upgraded it you should make it first and show us, jsut as plan pepakura put together so we see how detailed you made it.
Yeah, thats the spot i was talking about, sorry i didnt reply sooner. I'm fiberglassing my helmet now and I've noticed that I will not be able to make the visor flush with the helmet with that indentation.
i would like to thank the 12 people who have downloaded the file. i regret to inform them that i have another file uploaded with improvements. the folds on the brim are gone(too small) and several other areas have been enhanced. the file is here as well as in the first post.

no i will not make this a H3 helm as i do not have the expertise or the patience.


Thanks a million Shadow I like this one a lot better than the standard origonal one!

Its a shame that people don't take the time to see how good this update actually looks.


not bad. much cleaner mesh... the old one had a lot of overlapping verts and a lot of unnecessary geometry.

there's still a few places where you can clean up the mesh a deal more though.

I'll take some pics later. they're very small issues, just stuff that could be cleaned up.. verts/edges that don't really add anything to the shape/make it an unnecessarily complicated area.. etc.

on the whole, not bad though :)
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