Pepakura On a iMac Computer is it possible

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This Pepakura technique for armor and weapons is something I would like to try but what I need to know is there any body here using
an Apple iMac computer to do this.
I did down load a files for the weapons in a zip file, no problem
but when I opened the zip file I get icons which look like blank sheets of paper and message telling me there is no application to open this type of file.

Can any body offer any help on this.

Ok, I also have a PC but its not on line
What version of windows do I need
and where do I find this pepakura computer program..

Thank for the Help

Spartan 648

Master_Chief_13 said:
no it wont work you have to have windows. and the pepakura computer program
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Ok the Pepakura works in my PC
but my PC cannot read the file extension
how do I get my PC to read/see these file extensions.


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