Pepakura Wonders Continued #3 20+ Pics over 3 topics!!

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hopefully you saw the previous 2 parts to this GIANT Post...

Now everyone knows that everything looks better in color!!! So i painstakenly went through and added color to some of the models, imported them in to one page and rendered the whole group just for you!!!



Hope you liked them, any comments??
Johny139 said:
Have you attempted to build any of these models yet?

Noo, nothin as complicated as these models, BUT the program that I use also can be used to run a rapid 3D modeling machine, which I have...

So you could say that I already have about 5 or 6 of each of the models sittin in a box, but no I didnt actually attempt to 'build' any of these yet...
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i think it would take a tree each to make those
they would be pretty sweet
but i wouldn't build the banshee, or cov dropships
just becuase they would be huge and useless
ghost could have could the wrath
but i would build the body of the warthog and fix it onto a car
that would be sweet
if you build the tank i think you would run into legal issues
ghost motorcycle or warthog
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