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i need help i want to print the pepakura but i dont know how to ...... how big of a printer do u need ? or does it matter

any help would be highly appreciated
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Read the stickies, use cardstock, 100lb, go to an office store in the paper, isle, bring 12 dollars.


Dont be so clueless, the internet has tons of information, search for it, click pepakura forums and read everything. Learning it yourself gives you more experience than asking someone.
shadow8136 said:
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i dont know what to do with pepakura and where to get it and how to make cuts and glue and stuff

Read the Pep section of the forum, google "pepakura" and download and install it. Download Pep files from the forum and just print from your printer it's all based on A4 paper, but you may want to scale it first so it will fit you properly.

PM me if you have questions that are not in the forums. I hope this has helped you understand a bit more. :lol:
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