Pepkura armor supports.


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Ok so I started working on a halo 4 armor during the summer. I was currently making a pepkura model of the EOD helmet out of cardstock I haven't touched that project in quite a while due to running out of superglue . A stalker chest armor made out of soft Eva foam , very soft, barley got any progress. And 2 Ricochet shoulder armor, one left one right. The right shoulder I would honestly reached phase 3 which creates the part that goes on your arm. But haven't really started due to running out of Eva foam. I would get more because I got it for 89¢ per 2-3ft by 3-4ft at hobby lobby, like I said l, really soft stuff, but, I don't actually have a car, or a driver's license, or a learners permit, or a job, hehe. But I am considering restarting due to materials not being top quality. Hobby lobby was the only place I could find it at, and hobby lobby is right in between Home Depot and Lowe's which didn't have it. Oh the irony. My mom is always to busy with work and my dad is recovering from cancer surgery and once fully recovered he may need to go back in. I even checked harbor freight I think it was called and they didn't have it. I did get a few exact0 knifes and a hot glue gun from harbor freight. It got me started with the shoulder armor and as far as I got with the stalker armor. So can I get any tips? Should I start over? I could really use some help. This will be a halo 4 armor only. My mind is locked on the shoulders and I am still debating if I should use stalker or CIO chest. Helmet I would defiantly reconsider. I originally wanted to use the locusts until I found out its impossible to see through the visor without it being seen through the outside but being able to see through the inside. I then wanted the rogue but my dad said I should do the EOD. And I love my dad. In his current condition I keep remembering there is a possibility he might just.... . Can someone please help me? Just give me anything with advice, I don't have a 3D printer or a laser printer, I can't afford it. Please help me. I have been trying to get this done for a while. Someone please help. Just give me anything you can as in info, advice, recommendations, material suggestions, armor features, possible better armor pieces I should use.
. I just realized that it might be possible to use the foam that I mistakenly used the first time from hobby lobby as a potential supports for pepakura armor. I don't think it would work for helmets but it would be worth a shot. The foam supports should be used for the entire inside of the armor as in the pieces used in building the armor but without the flaps to secure the inside. It is just an idea.


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You may want to look in to furniture foam as well. It's a bit more comfortable than EVA foam and if you have a bit of space between you and the armor, the furniture foam can do the bulking up w/o adding too much weight.


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If that is for supporting pepakura armor while applying Bondo and resin like this is then that could work.


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Why exactly would you need to put supports in with foam? I'm having trouble understanding what you need it for. If you've never resined and Bondo'd a helmet or armor piece, try it out and see how the process is. You don't really need foam until the end, if a piece is too large you can use foam for padding, but I see no other practical uses for foam. You should reinforce the Pep model with fiberglass resin, rondo, fiberglass mats, etc.