Peter Jackson and the Halo Movie

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There is more information on it, but check the December Issue of EGM to find out more, I will also type out the information regarding this.

"The movie isn't the only Halo-related endeavor for this big-time Hollywood director. Bungie and Jackson's new studio, Wingnut Interactive are working together on another entry in the series, "will be it a sequel? A prequel? A side story? We won't squeal," said Bungie Community Manager Frank O' Connor on the developer's website. "But we can tell you it will be a blend of gameplay and storytelling quite unlike anything the games industry has ever
seen before." Hmm, a blend of gameplay and storytelling--hasn't that kind of wording become like the kiss of death in this biz? Anyway, we're also hearing that this collaboration may be connected to the oft-rumored massively multiplayer Halo game."

Plus the flood will appear in it in the summer of 2008.
I'm pretty sure, IF he's still doing it, he'll be the producer only, not director.

If he directed it, I'd be VERY happy.
Supposedly Jackson is involved in a collaborative project with bungie that is in addition to the Halo movie. No one has any clue what that project is though. So Jackson is still just the producer.
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