Pig Boi


wwwwwWWWWWWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT'SS UP Everybody! Welcome to my Non-Halo related cosplay thread.

This thread is going to be used to keep me in check track of my Inosuke costume, which for some reason beyond me I just can't keep steady progress on.

It's almost like I'm burnt out from con crunch...cries. I do have a deadline for this costume and I want to avoid laying on my makeshift paint-booth bedroom floor in a respirator waiting for spray paint to dry at 3 am in the morning. I do have some progress on this which makes this easier(?) but despite finishing a whole Reach suit I'm once again having to learn some new skills. Such as scaling and unfolding and realizing that I can never close pepakura designer because I don't have the paid version and gods help me if the power goes out. It's fun really. Hanging out in Discord one night Benton188 (idk know how forum tagging works please help) found a 3D file of and actual pig version of Inosuke and was nice enough to give me a converted version of the file to unfold.

Ignore the fact that I also don't own windows.
For being kinda drunk I think I did pretty well on the unfold. It's already been cut out and badly taped together. The part I'm dragging my feet on is putting the taped together pieces on other paper to make a smoother template to apply to foam. I could work on the fabric pieces of the costume first, but the thing that really makes this costume is the pig head and the swords so I want to tackle the pig head first.

Any way be sure to like and subscribe I respond to the thread with no sort of schedule whatsoever. Remember stay hydrated.
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I am very much perplexed and intrigued XD

This looks like a very fun and interesting build. Pro tip if you dont own a pepakura key: WRITE FPEN YOUR MEASUREMENTS AND SAVE A SCREENSHOT. This way if something does happen you can get it back to what it was!


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Not sure if its on Windows 10, but on 7 and under when you go print a part and choose a printer there is an option called "Microsoft XPS document writer" that will print to a file ( a ".xps" file) instead of to your printer.


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Hello man! i am doing this cosplay, already have the swords cut, would you mind sharin the helmet file? If not, thats ok too!