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I want to make a halo reach armor only using Eva foam and whatever visor I need, I have a budget of $120 but I want to spend $70 if possible. the armor I want to make is any color default armor with a EOD helmet and free templates since this is my first time I don’t know how to put it together.


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There are armour templates in the armoury that are free. The cost of EVA foam, flex seal (or any other rubberizing paint), paint, adhesive, and other materials are what they are, you can wait for sales on some of them... but they generally will get you close to the higher end of your budget.

As for putting it together, Pepakura is fairly straight forward, there are numbered seams, so it is like a print and stick together by number. We are also here to help and provide motivation! Good luck!


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The helmet file is not a foam unfold, but you could do it yourself or ask and some of the talented unfolders around here are likely to help out however they can.

A budget of $120 is going to be tight, but look into Harbor Freight foam at that price level at roughly (US$0.56 per sqft). Foam and glue aside, paint and tools are going to be challenging at that price point assuming you don't already have what you need/plan to use on hand. Keep in mind any PPE based on decisions you make (e.g. respirator if using contact cement and dust masks for sanding). It's not worth it to put your health at risk just to stay under budget.

For more info check out this guide.

Ultimately there's no harm in making purchases and building pieces out as you acquire the funds and grow in your abilities. We're certainly not going to rush you. Go at a pace that works for you and focus on learning something new with every piece. This group will be here to answer questions the best we can.
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