Halo: Reach - MJOLNIR Mark V - Standard 1.6

Mark V MJOLNIR standard armor from Halo: Reach

  1. Art Andrews
    This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists.

    Contents of zip-file:
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-left.pdo
      Modeller: ForgedReclaimer
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-right.pdo
      Modeller: ForgedReclaimer
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-boot.pdo
      Modeller: Bungie Unfolder: fat-hi555
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-carter-a259-shoulder.pdo
      Modeler: Ruze789
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-carter-a259-shoulder.pdo
      Modeler: Ruze789 Unfolder: Pretzel
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-chest-a.pdo
      Modeller: L3X BLU3R1V3R Unfolder: Spacemeat
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-chest-b-a4.pdo*
      Smoothed, Edited and Unfolded: koshima07
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-forearm.pdo
      Modeller: Unknown Unfolder: ErMaC
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-glove.pdo
      Modeller: Ruze789
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-helmet.pdo
      Modeler: roadwarrior Unfolder: Bryce Youtsey
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-knee.pdo
      Modeller: ForgedReclaimer Unfolder: HaloGoddess
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shin.pdo
      Modeler: rundown Unfolder: @BMcClain
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shin-left.pdo
      Modeller: ForgedReclaimer Unfolder: Ral Partha
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shin-right.pdo
      Modeller: ForgedReclaimer Unfolder: Ral Partha
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-spine.pdo
    • Modeler: ruze789 Unfolder: NoMaybeYes
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-thigh.pdo
      Modeler: rundown Unfolder: BMcClain
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-thigh-left.pdo
      Modeller: ForgedReclaimer
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-waist.pdo
      Modeller: RoadWarrior

    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-foam.pdo
      Modeller: ForgedReclaimer Unfolder: L3X BLU3R1V3R Reunfold-Scaler: WandererTJ
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-boot-foam.pdo
      Modeller: Acenat and Ruze789 Unfolder: Spacemeat
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-chest-foam.pdo
      Modeller: L3X BLU3R1V3R and Ruze789 Armor Ability: carpathiah99
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-forearm-foam.pdo
      Modeller: Unknown Unfolder: ErMac Foam Unfolder: WandererTJ
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-glove-foam.pdo
      Modeller: WandererTJ
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shin-foam.pdo
      Modeller: ForgedReclaimer Unfolder: HaloGoddess Scaler: WandererTJ
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shoulder-foam.pdo
      Modeller: TheDigitalFix Unfolder: L3X BLU3R1V3R Foam Unfolder: Spacemeat
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-thigh-foam.pdo
      Modeller: ForgedReclaimer Unfolder: Spacemeat
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-waist-foam.pdo
      Modeller: Unknown Unfolder: Spacemeat
    Game Assets (Assets made available by Chernobyl)
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-first-person-hd-arms.obj
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-helmet.obj
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-helmet-texture.jpg
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-knee.obj
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-knee-texture.jpg
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shoulder.obj
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shoulder-texture.jpg
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-spartan-base-female.obj
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-spartan-base-male.obj

    Game Assets – Blend** (Assets made available by WandererTJ)
    • halo-reach-jorge-052-body.obj
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-left-hd.blend
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-boot-left-hd-multi.blend
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-chest-sd-multi.blend
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-cod-hd.blend
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-forearm-left-hd.blend
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-glove-left-hd.blend
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shin-left-hd.blend
    • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-thigh-left-hd.blend

    * This is a Game Extracted Model that has been edited and smoothed out for costuming usage by Koshima07

    This model is not to be 3D-Printed, and will require work in order to get all the surfaces smoothed so that your chest piece doesn't look like just a bunch of polygons.

    This model is best used for scratch building and in addition to L3X's Torso file. This file is great for ensuring that all of your geometry is correct, while L3X's file will help make sure you get all the necessary details correct.

    ** These files contain the armor used in the Halo Reach Campaign and Multiplayer. All armor is from the Male model only.
    All armors listed with "hd" have been trimmed from the First Person Arms or Legs

    All armors listed with "sd" have been trimmed from the full multiplayer spartan body.

    Some files have been split into multiple bodies so that you can more easily differentiate between different sections of them when unfolding.


    1. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-left.JPG
    2. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-right.JPG
    3. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-boot.JPG
    4. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-carter-a259-shoulder.JPG
    5. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-carter-a259-shoulder-foam.JPG
    6. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-chest-a.JPG
    7. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-chest-b-a4.JPG
    8. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-forearm.JPG
    9. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-glove.JPG
    10. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-helmet.JPG
    11. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-knee.JPG
    12. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shin.JPG
    13. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shin-left.JPG
    14. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shin-right.JPG
    15. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-spine.JPG
    16. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-thigh.JPG
    17. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-thigh-left.JPG
    18. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-waist.JPG
    19. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-foam.JPG
    20. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-boot-foam.JPG
    21. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-chest-foam.JPG
    22. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-forearm-foam.JPG
    23. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-glove-foam.JPG
    24. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shin-foam.JPG
    25. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-shoulder-foam.JPG
    26. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-thigh-foam.JPG
    27. halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-waist-foam.JPG

Recent Updates

  1. File removal
  2. Updated shoulder.
  3. Added Game Assets.