PSA From your Friendly Neighbore Hood LordHood


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This is a PSA for All members and a warning to other prop makers in the Tennessee Area

Recently I finished making a Halo 5 Hell jumper helmet to sell to a buyer in my local area When he paid me for my work i was in a bit of hurry to bother to check the bills fully which was a mistake, the Buy paid in Prop money, for movies, that's right i was paid with a 100 dollar Motion picture Bill, (( I'll post a picture when my phones charged. )) The mans name is Gregory , He's about 5'8" with brownish red hair medium long hair, up-kept, He has 3 piercings on on the nose and 2 over his left eyebrow. he was a bit tanned, not full blown tan but like a farmers tan, he drove a 2000+ White Ford Truck

I'll keep you guys updated on more info tomorrow i need rest.