Question bout hot glue

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hey guys, im just wondering, with the hot glue, would it be a good idea to sand down the glue that sticking out of the cracks on the helmet? just wondering because i have alot of that on my helmet
Uh, how much is "a lot?" Pictures would help. Also, I don't think there should be any cracks in the helmet. And I don't think hot glue is very 'sandable.'

It should look like this: (Spase's pep helmet. A great example.)
You can use the tip of the hot glue gun to smooth out the excess. Just tip the nose on it's side and use the heat to melt the glue.. I had some globs on my armor, but resin and bondo took care of that..
what i mean by cracks is where the folds were conected with the other numbers, i will try the melting stuff that sounds good, thanks preskewl, i did the halo 2 helmet btw, i was not aware there was a halo 3 file available, i will certainly do that next
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