Question in regards to Fiber-glassing

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ok, well, I have about half of my armor resined with one coat on the outside, I am ready for the second coatings for those parts, my question is do you resin the inside then immediatly apply fiber-glass cloth while it's still all wet, or do you let the second layer of resin dry, then apply the fiber-glass cloth.

And if it's the second option, what substances are reccemended to keep the cloth on? Also, the third layer of resin should be applyed at what point afterwards?

Sorry if this is covered in the tut's, but I need a clear-cut answer since not all is explained. I know I am skipping resin for the other parts, but I will come back to them, I just want to get my helm done so I have something to show off with while I work on the rest of my armor.

Hopefully I can get pics up eventually.
#1. resin outside
#1A resin outside again(for extra support if you choose)
#2 apply liberal amounts of resin inside
#3 while its still wet apply fiberglass and use more resing to make it stick all the way to the armor, make sure its soaked entirely through.
#4 after that has hardened, repeat for more support.
Hmm, well from what I've gathered, you do the glassing in layers. Lay down the glass cloth on the inside and soak that in resin. Once that's dry(ish) do it again. 2-3 layers will give you a a lot of strength.
alright, thanks, I don't know if I will do more then one layer of fiber-glass cloth at this time because of money, but I will do 3 layers total of resin (outside, inside, then a layer on the fiber-glass cloth)

shouldn't take too much, right?
Or you could skip the entire glassing and just use 2-3 coatings of resin, if you're short on money. If not, go for glass.
My helmet is rock hard, heres my steps if it helps

Resin outside lightly once
Resin inside lightly
Resin outside, glob it on
Elmers glue fiberglass cloth to the inside, mold it around corners and everything, get it to become the exact shape of the helmet.
Glob resin and soak the fiberglass inside
Spray grey flat base on, Look for globs of resin and bumps
Sand out sharpe edges, smoothen out the helmet
Reresin the outside lightly if you took off to much resin
Paint with base again
Paint with sand texture paint
Paint with army green
paint black on and rub it off
silver brush details
DoC ByTeS said:
Try the fiberglass resin jelly, it's more pliable than bondo and easy to shape the details

WOW nice, can you post a link of this fiberglass jelly, it looks good.
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Fiberglass resin jelly is at Wal-Mart, O'reilly's, Autozone, and more. Just look in the automotive section and when you find the resin look for a round can that has green and black label. Should be between the fiberglass and the bondo. The thickening agent used in the jelly helps to form it by hand (with latex glove) then it is stronger and doesn't crack like bondo. I learned the hard way, my first helmet was dropped, bondo loves to break.....
Master Chef said:
It stays very angular if you don't Bondo.
Mine didnt, slightly here and there it was, but it was better than no sanding, I sanded the crap out of my helmet then re resined it, it came out looking like it was slightly bondo'd.
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drgon47 said:
How does it stand up to a dremel tool. And whats its curing time ?

The resin jelly will stand up pretty good to a dremel, thought I shaped it when I applied it. The cure time is the same or similar to normal resin, yet it seems harder when done. Hand sanding is the best smoothing method, I recommend a 60 grit sanding sponge
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