Question just to make sure!!!

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ok ok...i read through everything i can find back and forth, ten times!!!
i'm all done with fiber glass and i'm ready to bondo. so let me know if i'm right about this next step:

1. sand the outside: light on the flat parts and sand the ridges a little down
2. after you sand the outside resin (lightly) clean off, mix bondo, and place on the part, smooth out, making sure you leave enough to sand smooth and press/smooth down to get ride of air bubs as much as possible.
3. sand
4. use bondo filler and fill in pin holes or other problem spots.
5. sand again
6. Optional: use a metal/fiberglass glaze coat over top of bondo work
6a: sand
7. PAINT, add lights, other detail (vents)

correct?? please let me know

instead to useing bondo i saw somewhere you could use a plastic-like filler?

i also found online stuff called: ( used to replace bondo or go over it??)

Fibreglass Evercoat Lite Weight® 1 Gallon Can
Lite Weight® : lighweight body filler is a great value with its smooth spreading, easy sanding features. Non-clog formula adds greater value in sandpaper savings. Blue cream hardener included.

could that be used instead of bondo? link:

Heres how I do it

Resin inside
resin outside again
glue fiberglass inside
glob the resin all over the glass
dry for days
apply bondo on outside
apply in little holes
light sand
paint, crap, etc.
ok ok...i got the general idea right then.

how easy/hard is bondo to work with?
i used drywall puddy on my 1st suit and that stuff was easy to work with and sand. it bondo close to that?

thanks aobfrost
Yes, but drywall is crap and will break, crack or fall off, it should never be used, bondo is made as a body filler with strength, drywall is a filler with 0 strength.
yah i know...i wasn't planning on useing drywall puddy on any of my pep stuff.

i finished my cardboard suit way before i found pep and the 405th.
i still have my first helm with all it drywall puddy and it held up nice (also because i've tried to be careful with it) but i still had drunk people knocking on the helm (maybe to see who's inside,'s a real person, you think?) and the stuff held up really good (for being "field/battle tested...aka...the bars).

so i turns hard but if you drop it, it's brittle and could/would crack.
Bondo will be fine, but dont go dropping and tossing it or it might crack, but I doubt it,but your resin and glass inside could come lose from the cardstock, or crack.

Unless you want to try my hot glue method on the inside ;p
i'm not going to test destory anything i make unless it is molded/made like bluerelm stuff.

your hotglue idea i thought of as well to put in the inside but one draw back it (you said it to) is the yes while durable and stong, it's not to hard and some what blendable. your resin 1st and then hot glue would work better.
i have a whole bag of 12inch stick (like 2 dozen of them left). i could just use my hot-glue gun and go section by section. but melting it in pot and poor would be way faster!
is it possible to wear the helmet after the fiberglass cloth has been resined, and the resin dried? or is it still going to be dangerous for your skin, therefore allowing you to put a cushion in it?
You can wear it, it isnt dangerous, but it wont stay on your head, you'll need a hard hat liner or bike shop padding.
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