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Jin Won

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Now... I'm pretty much new to the armor making ideal. So yeah... Please don't bite my head off. I was planning to make a standard marine armor, nothing really fancy, just something to get me started:


Any ideas on what I should make the breast plate out of? And how to get that bronze-metallic look. And I figure that the helmet maybe my biggest issue especially the green information receiver. Any input and help on this?
Yeah... That's what I was thinking, but is there anyother way than that? And then the helmet and the eye piece is another question all together.
That simple, eh? And my final question... (unless something pops up.) Any idea on how long would this take? I want to get it completed before school starts here (August 20th) or at least started a bit.
Jimney Chirstmas...

So it looks like this is going to take awhile...

Anywho... Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.
well if you want to get it right it, take your time on i see things on my armor that i can improve on
Another question... But not nessarily on the Marine Armor, I'm trying my hand to make a Spartan Helmet, and I used Pepakura tut, but the question is do I just tape it as is or do I just trace shapes onto cardboard?
ill answer your question with another question..

did you use cardstock to put it together. or just regular paper??
I think I misphrased the question:

I printed the shapes onto letter paper, when I do that, do I trace it onto carboard then cut out or just cut it out as is?
you download the program pepakura to your computer, and you download the helmet file on the tut. do what the tut says about getting rid of the grey spots, re arrange things so they fit on the pages and print them out.
cut out the shapes, fold them.

when it comes to putting it together, use super glue or hot glue. tape just looks to messy (imo)
u can do both really. i used cardstock to put it together and then super glued it..

dont use tape cuz if you resin it. it will eat the tape, ruining your piece.
If you use normal printier/copy paper, the models won't come out as stable or good looking than if you used cardstock. Cardboard might work, but I always questioned how you might put together cardboard..
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