Questions about Pepakura

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Spartan 270

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Ya my primary question about pepakura is that if printed it out on regular printer paper, is it possible to trace the template onto card board then cut it out and fold the card bord into whatever part you are trying to make? :Steve:
any craft store really.

my gf draged me to something like j"oans fabrics" and they had tons fo card stock, differnet sizes,colors,patterns etc. each peice was only 50 cents
The printing onto paper and glueing onto cardboard seems a good idea. but too top it off you could print the armor detail...

which brings me to my quesiton :dee:

For the pep armor how do you apply the armor detail skin?
I know it's several posts up, but if you are paying 50 cents per sheet of card stock you are getting shafted. I bought 150 sheets at Wal-Mart for about $5.

Unless your talking about poster-board sized, that company is going to get rich off of you alone.
lol, I'll need to hit wally world then. I see the armor skin and i approve but now i wonder :Steve:

think doom would do use a photoshop of it and give it a different color?
maybe a red / blue and green. just the basics
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