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    question 1 is about fiberglass resin and Bondo. what it the best why to put on Bondo smoothly and resin. and would it be better to fiberglass the inside of the helmet or Rondo it. Question 2 what paint color is the best and most accurate to master chief in the game since I am doing a Master Chief CE anniversary suit, since his suit is darker in the newer games and should I use matte clear coat or gloss?I don't get to run out much and would like to get all my supplies in one day. another question is fans-lights. what is the preferred fans for cooling and the preferred lights. I was going to go with blue led's and acrylic glass to spread the light. hoping to make an energy sword light up this way
    as well.
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    Ok those are all good questions so I'll do my best to answer:

    1A) The only way to smoothly put on bondo is by practice. When applying, it is almost clay like so you can only hope that it come out somewhat smooth. You will always need to sand it choice in this. You will need to sand it down.
    1B) Rondo is a combination of resin and bondo. It allows for a much smother application but is not as strong as fiberglass and resin so just rondo isn't going to cut it. Once the inside is fiberglassed, you can sand/grind down all the slivers that are sticking up and to get a smooth inside, then rondo.

    2) The closest color for the MC's armor I'm told is "Oregano" (don't hold that to me because that is a bit of a controversial topic) and depending on if you want a new fresh out of the box look for your suit, then you go w/ a gloss. For a battle hardened look, go w/ the matte clear.

    3) There are several fans and lights on the market that people use and no one better or more sought after than any other. It is a matter of preference, your financial availability, and if you find something that works best for your build. You might get something too large or too small for your needs.....a lot of trial and error is used.

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